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What technology do you guys use?

I want to know what search engines you guys use, what browsers you use, what operating systems you mainly used, and more, so that way the Search Engines Wiki Team can update your userpages to fit quality standards. We promise that this information will not be disclosed outside of Wikia.

Warm regards, The Helixsoft Team (Talk-Contribs) 14:48, January 18, 2014 (UTC).

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My other wikis (That I actaully use/care about, or remember their names are:)

1. Knownuniverse Wiki

2. Wikimemia Wiki

The rest, I don't care about/don't remember.

YouTube: VarietyPlus (


Okay, then. My YouTube username is DNAHelix, but the URL is

My wikis that I recently started:

  1. Wikicommons Wiki (a media repository similar to Wikimedia Commons)
  2. Malware Database Wiki (a malware databse)
  3. Refernce 365 Wiki (an all-in-one reference source)

The rest I can handle by myself, but feel free to contribute to the others.

Warm regards, The Helixsoft Team (Talk-Contribs) 21:42, January 18, 2014 (UTC).

I use Google Chrome because it's trustworthy

Finally, another Chrome user who thinks what I think!


Hey, now....

I use Chrome AND Firefox. Both are bad*** and get the job done. Also, both are trustworthy.


I use Chrome at school, but they dont mave macs.


At school all they have is Internet Explorer. Also, the teachers and previous students were idiots. They are so slow and probably have millions of viruses.....

They need Chrome or Firefox.


True, guys. In my opinion, Chrome is better in performance and stability, and has features that the other browser lack or don't do very well.

Ewnrrthanadmin, my charter school (K-8) has both IE, Firefox, and Chrome installed, but I am one of the few students in my technology class that use Google Chrome (before you ask BTW, I'm in 7th grade - You probably don't care though)

Warm regards, The Helixsoft Team (Talk-Contribs) 21:13, January 21, 2014 (UTC).


Our school has 60 chromebooks, and has chrome on most other computers. although some are ~10-15 years old and those seen to be faster with internet explorer.

Ewnrrthanadmin (talk) 21:26, January 21, 2014 (UTC)


Yeah, I never tried a Chromebook. My old school uses different Macs depending on the classroom environment. They were an all Mac school, with the exception of one classroom that stuck to Windows 7.

Random Fun Fact: I have two old accounts: Gamegeek77 and HelixTech. Both are inactive.

Warm regards, The Helixsoft Team (Talk-Contribs) 22:03, January 21, 2014 (UTC).

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